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10 Can't-Miss Experiences in Vientiane, Laos. A city on the border of Northern Thailand

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

A complete list of the best valued sites plus a Cinematic Experience from the sky and on foot that you have to see with the video below.

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Vientiane is the capital city of Laos and is located on the Mekong River. The city has a population of just over 200,000 people and is a popular tourist destination.There are many reasons to visit Vientiane and here are 10 of the best:

1. Take a stroll or cycle around the city and take in the sights and sounds of Vientiane.

2. Visit the COPE Visitor Centre to learn about the work they do with victims of UXO (unexploded ordnance) in Laos. Also try MAG, helping to remove land mines.

3. Admire the architecture of the Presidential Palace and the That Luang Stupa, two of the most iconic buildings in the city.

4. Learn about the history of Laos at the Lao National Museum.

5. Relax in one of the city’s many parks, such as Buddha Park or Lan Xang Park.

6. Sample the local cuisine, such as laap (minced meat salad), tam mak hoong (green papaya salad) and khao soi (egg noodles in coconut curry soup).

7. Shop for souvenirs at the Talat Sao morning market or the night market.

8. Take a boat trip down the Mekong River to see the sunset over the river.

9. Party the night away at one of Vientiane’s many bars and clubs.

10. Visit the nearby town of known for its limestone caves and river tubing.


  1. Houey Hong Vocational Training Center: This center, located on the outskirts of Vientiane, offers training in traditional Lao crafts such as weaving and wood carving. Visitors can take a tour of the center to see the artisans at work and purchase handmade products.

  2. Ban Anou Night Market: While the night market near the Mekong riverfront is popular among tourists, the Ban Anou Night Market is a local favorite. Located in a residential area, the market offers a variety of street food, clothing, and souvenirs at affordable prices.

  3. Wat Inpeng: This temple, located in a quiet neighborhood in the eastern part of Vientiane, is a peaceful and serene place to visit. It's not as grand or well-known as some of the other temples in the city, but it has a unique charm and is a favorite among locals for meditation and prayer. The temple also offers classes in traditional Lao meditation techniques.

How to get to Vientiane from Bangkok. There are a few ways to get from Bangkok to Vientiane:

-By plane: The flight from Bangkok to Vientiane takes about 1.5 hours.

-By bus: There are several direct bus services from Bangkok to Vientiane which take about 8-9 hours.

-By train: The train journey from Bangkok to Vientiane takes about 12 hours.

-By car: It is possible to drive from Bangkok to Vientiane, although the journey can take up to 16 hours.


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