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Is it worth going to Khao Yai National Park?

Updated: Apr 13

Let's start with some attention grabbing items that's suppose to keep you on my blog site longer. That's the formula right?

  • Just 90 kilometers away from Khao Yai wild tigers have been spotted roaming in a nearby national park, are they back? No one knows for sure (Best guess, not yet)

  • Yes, elephants also pass through the roads and yes they are 100% wild, watch out!

  • Dense jungle and forest are everywhere - 80% of the park is forested

  • Hundreds of species of animals - monkeys in treetops, deer, bulls, snakes, alligators

  • Hiking trails, views points and waterfalls are abundant and beautiful here

  • Have you ever seen the movie, 'The Beach' with Leonardo Dicaprio? Well we found the waterfall from the actual movie

  • You can stay in Khao Yai in national park housing/hotels but the rooms are limited (800 rooms in total )

  • Ticket prices - 400 baht for foreigners per day (if you sleep in the park you'll just have to pay one time, if you leave the park for a better hotel you'll pay 400 baht daily)

  • There are 2 entrances - North and South

  • Advice - bring some food and drinks. You'll find small shops and restaurants but they are mainly near the main hubs and park offices

What should you see? Don't Miss These Things!

  1. Heo Suwat Waterfall (from the movie - The Beach)

  2. Heo Narok Waterfall

  3. Pha Diew Dai Viewpoint

  4. Nong Pak Chi Wildlife Observation Tower - Mile Marker 33 (if you like 30 min hike)

  5. Drive the entire park, it's easy and those loads of views

  6. Visit the HQ (seen in the map below) for coffee, suspension bridge, walk in the jungle off a nice relaxing river

Take a look at Day One of our travels in this amazing video. This video is part 1 of 2.

So is this park really worth the visit? Yes and No

  • If you love national parks and want to hike and get outside then 100% yes. This is an epic park for sure but you need to take advantage of all the things to see and do.

  • If you aren't a big outdoors person then I'd say go if you are in the neighborhood and stick to the view points and roads.

  • My overall opinion is a big YES! I loved it and got a tone of video not to mention we got lucky and saw plenty of animals including a wild elephant on the road (look below)

Recommendations on length of stay:

I recommend coming to Khao Yai for at least two days unless you are camping or getting a room inside the park then I'd stay longer and plan a load of activities if you are an outdoor person.

If you have questions please feel free to DM on these platforms below:


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