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This City in Italy is sinking by the day - see it before it floods or the locals kick you out!

Updated: Feb 19

Have you ever wondered about seeing Venice, Italy? Is it really worth the flight and the hassle? There are numerous cities in the world that may look similar to TV or movies but this destination has that rare characteristic of being better than what you saw on TV. Between the atmosphere, food, sounds, views and architecture it's a 10/10. One word: GO. Along with Venice I'd have to put Florence, Italy near the top as well.

This post is quite different from my usually ones. Venice is an expensive place and in general it's more about seeing the iconic relics and breathing in that once in a lifetime atmosphere. The food and wine expenses can be kept in check but the housing and maritime activities will cost you. But don't let a bit of extra cash stop you. Enjoy yourself. I'm sure you've earned it.

I've been to Venice, Italy throughout the years and its commonly known that the locals are not thrilled with the influx of international tourists that navigate the streets taking endless selfies and clogging up the scenic venues. But there is no place on earth like Venice as you take in a sunset or stroll down the historic winding canals. The atmosphere and the architecture are powerful combination that allows you to get lost in the moment and just venture cluelessly.

This is one of the few places on the planet that you can just simply walk around and get lost and take random photos. Every corner is intriguing and unique. The architecture off the water is spectacular, no wait it's amazing, no better yet breathtaking. Oh it's all of those put together. It's just one damn amazing orchestrated painting after another honestly and that still doesn't do it justice.

If you want a romantic getaway this city is probably top 5 in the world with no argument from anyone. Last time I roamed the streets single I even got a bit heavy hearted looking for my Juliet. Between the gondola drivers singing to the lights and lanterns to just one perfect restaurant setting to another. It's hard to say anything negative when you are talking about a visual buffet of this historic location. As you can see above, time is ticking on this oasis.



It's a bit pricey but I'd take your Mr. or Mrs. and go on a private power boat ride (not gondola) around the canals and really feel like you are cruising through each waterway and canal. It's going to cost you at least $100-150 but its a bucket list type of moment. If you happen to skip that and save the cash then just go for the gondola. Remember it takes time to get there so don't leave any regrets behind and be sure to bring a camera for the memories.



This place will set you back at least $120 a night unless you are staying in hostels and for the most part there's not much you can do about it unless you get lucky on AirBnB. There are loads of reasonable cities in Europe and unfortunately this is not one of those cities. If you're willing to travel more you could stay outside the city but that kind of takes the fun out of the whole Venetian experience.



You might also want to try a once in a lifetime trip and schedule a visit during Carnival in Venice. I know it's more expensive but do it in advance and you experience an event that's been around centuries.

To tell your grandkid's that you've been to Carnival (Jan. 30 - Feb 16, 2021) would be pretty insane. Lately as I travel I like to experience some cultural and historic yearly festivals, parades and celebrations. For myself I had an idea of celebrating New Years in a different country (So far I was lucky enough to go to Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Laos and the Nepal on New Years or certain festivals). My next plan is going to Kathmandu, Nepal for the Light Festival or Bagan, Myanmar for the Hot Air Ballon Festival.




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