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How to travel better | Travel tips on the go in a new city

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So you're in a new city traveling around. Here are a list of things to help you out.

1. When you get to your hotel, grab the hotel's business card incase you can't get access to your phone so you can find your way back.

2. How to find ALL the various popular attractions directly in your area (1-2 mile range) Open google maps on your phone and select your location then UNSELECT your location and type ATTRACTIONS in the search the box and then see all the attractions that show up around you in your area (landmarks, parks, famous places and others will appear)

3. When you leave your hotel if you are walking around, its vitally important to look for LARGE LANDMARKS to help you guide your way back to your hotel or hostel. Obviously you can probably get a taxi or use your phone to get home but to help you navigate your way, always look for buildings or signs or sculptures that will head you back in the right direction. I had numerous times where google maps wasn't working and I forgot to snag a business card at the hotel. So.... it was up to me to get back. You'd be amazed how many taxi drivers don't know the name of smaller hotels.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for anything from people - directions, recommendations, events going on. You'll save so much time by talking to people

5. Smile and be positive. I've walked in places like Cairo, Egypt and a smile can go a long way. It breaks the ice and in some cases lowers the tension.

6. This is one of my favorite things to keep sane and while enjoying the locals. Are you bored and lonely traveling? Do you want a FREE service/app to meet friends?

I use You can really use any of the friendly language exchange apps you find online. When I was in Colombia I had just arrived and within 3 days I was getting a bit lonely. I got the app and within hours I met a cool girl who had traveled abroad from Bogota. We chatted away and had coffee. By the next day I had a tour guide. Perfecto!

These apps are intended to exchange language and they can be but I found that most of the people's English was rather good and we ended up just being good friends as they took me around the city.

7. Always carry $50 of emergency money with you. Maybe all at the ATMs in the area went down or like when I was in Manila, Philippines this year in 2020 the virus shut down a lot of businesses. You never know when you might need some quick money.

8. If you are planning to stay a month or so, learn a bit of the language. By saying hello, how are you, what's your name, where are you from, how much is that and thank you it goes a long way with the locals.

9. If your phone is getting a bad signal and UBER or GRAB (taxi services) aren't working well then locate a taxi driver and stick with the same guy. This way you aren't having to rely on new guys and you'll get a know someone new you can trust (hopefully).

10. Have trouble overpacking or not knowing the weight of your suitcase before you go to the airport? Always bring a medium sized designer plastic bag (Example: Nike, Gap, ect..). It's common for the airlines to say "You're over your weight limit." So take some things out of your bag, like those heavy hiking boots or bulky sweaters and put the in your nice new plastic bag. As you board the airline it looks like you just shopped at the local gift store and the airlines will let you walk right to your seat.

11. If you want to meet more people try hostels. Although some would say you have to be younger, 20-30s to stay here, I'd say any age is ok. You get a cheap room and sometimes you'l actually get your own room for a bit more coin but it can be worth it the moment you engage with other worldly travelers.




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