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The Khmer Jungle Temples: A Uniquely Scary and Epic Journey outside of Siem Reap

Updated: Feb 20, 2023



A 2 HOUR VAN RIDE NORTH OF SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA. Known as Prasat Prahm Temple, this collection of historical ruins won't disappoint you. They'll probably give you goosebumps.

I signed up for a tour (around $50) to the outskirts of the lesser known villages and towns to the north of Siem Reap, Cambodia. What I found was something that I have never seen before. As I showed the video to my brother back home in North Carolina, all he could say was "That looks incredible scary, what the hell is that place?"

He wasn't wrong. The grouping of almost five identical small red brick towers are a lasting reminder of the vast empire that the Khmer Kingdom used to rule. In the video the towers weren't really the fascinating part it was how they were engulf in thousands of tree branches and vines. As if the trees themselves have come to life and wrapped their presence around these architectural structures.

Many tourists have seen how the native trees have wrapped and winded their way around the temples in the Angkor Wat national park. I had seen these type of awe-inspiring works that nature had delighted us with earlier but this was on a whole new level. This type of dense wilderness area was something out of a fiction novel. It's as if the trees are reaching for something. I can only imagine what it would be like to camp outside at night on these sacred grounds and have an eerie feeling in my gut all night. I'm placing bets now, $100 says you can't last the whole night without being insanely scared. Any takers?


Our tour guide picked me up and we left at 8am from Siem Reap. We rode in a mini van that pretty nice with A/C and water bottles provided. Later on we stopped for lunch. It took about 2 hours to reach our destination.

Here's a screenshot on google maps to give you the exact information.

Inside the these smaller towers there wasn't much but as I peered my head into one section I found a snake head and snake skin that had been shed day or weeks before. Let's say for the first time in awhile I felt like Indiana Jones Junior. Our group of 6 tourists were completely out in the middle of nowhere and what we had just seen was something I'll never forget.

The temple with the door just above me to the right is where I found a snake head and snake skin. This place is definitely fascinating from the moment you arrive. Most of us didn't want to leave as we stayed for over an hour just explore the grounds. There are total of 5 temples, 3 in this picture and 2 directly across from me in the photo. Once again, I had never witnessed anything in nature like this before. Absolutely extraordinary.


If you want to travel on a budget this is what I did to get to PrasatPrahm Temple from Bangkok:

  • Take a VIP bus ($20) from Bangkok to the border of Cambodia - Poi Pet. Its about a 4 hour drive. You can stay the night at Poi Pet if you like.

  • Then get your Cambodia Visa - **$35 if you have USD on you, $50 if you don't

  • Take a taxi ( to Siem Reap - takes 2 hours $25 or take a bus for $4 (very old, slow)

  • Then go with a tour guide (group tour) for $50 USD includes other temples too.


  • You can fly on a budget carrier to Siem Reap also for $50-60 one way but I enjoy a a bit of a journey (bus, taxi, 5 hr trip) and scenery along the way as you see, Poi Pet, the Cambodian country side and meet people along the way.





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